Apparently It’s Been A Year

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

I just started working with a career coach. I’ve been feeling stuck in my career for a while. Like, years. While I have always enjoyed my job and found a lot of self-satisfaction with supporting myself and being of service to others, I have felt that there is more I could be doing, but I have no idea what exactly that is or what it looks like.

So I’m looking back on certain milestones and events in my life to pull out what about that time was the “reason to live juice” that moved me forward, and any noticeable obstacles or setbacks that may be influencing me today. As I scrolled through my photos, social media, and other resources that I’ve used to document my life, I found myself scrolling through my old blog, my first blog Munchies ‘n’ Marvels. I rebranded to this blog a few years after starting M&M, when I wanted to do less “mommy blogging” and more focused health and fitness stuff.

But I read my old M&M posts, and by no means are they pulitzer nominees, but I felt this beautiful, nostalgic wistfullness of that time. It was a diary, a photo album of a slice of my life. Sure, I mostly blogged about what I was eating and what the kids are doing. But that’s the stuff I like to talk about, what interests me. At some point, someone (I shan’t mention names) told me that type of content was boring and I would never be a successful blogger if that’s what I talk about.

But now, nearly a decade later and looking back, I know that person was wrong. Blogging was never about success. Blogging was about my creative outlet, a way to express myself and make sense of my world, and share what’s important to me. I miss it terribly. Even my crappy photos. I used to take photos of everything al lthe time in case I wanted to use them in my blog posts. Now I hardly take any, especially of myself and the kids, and I’m realizing that the lack of documentation makes me sad. This is the best way for me to preserve my memories, to watch myself and my family grow on my life path. I will never be a professional blogger. This will always be a hobby, a creative outlet. And that’s perfectly fine.

I’m starting a new business, a Whole30 health coaching business (, and I want it to be good. I want to feel good about what I’m creating. And that’s always what this has been. To create something good that I feel proud of.

So I’m back. Maybe just for today, just for my annual post. But word-vomiting on this page gives me so much relief and strength and joy. I love sharing my words with you as I share bits of my life with you.

Go make it a great day 🙂

Dogs and People-ing

Hey, friends!

It’s been so long, I don’t remember what we talked about last time. I could look I up, but I’m too lazy. So let’s pretend we discussed the idea of me getting a dog. Because I really want one. Like, really, reeeeeeeely want one. I’m the crazy lady grinning uncomfortably at every jaunty mutt trotting next to its owner on the trails. And I also know that getting a dog is a terrible idea. Like, a really reeeeeeeely terrible idea. There was an extra “e” in that misspelled “really” for emphasis to accentuate that getting a dog is a worse idea than just wanting one.

Look at me, being all practical and grown-up and stuff.

It doesn’t help that my friend has not one but TWO adorable puppies, and they were just featured on the @thedogist instagram. Just click on that link and try not to squee in delight. I dare you.

But no doggie for me right now, since I’m still hanging by my fingernails trying to hold down the 9-5 and keep the two small humans functioning and thriving on my weeks.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. This Friday my friends and I are heading down to San Jose for the Foam Glow 5k and foam party. I don’t exactly know what that is, but there is colored foam and music and I’m told to wear clothes I don’t mind throwing out after because they’ll be destroyed. Sounds like a fun time. Then on Sunday I’m joining a group hike organized by Jackyn from Mind, Body, Soul and Sparkles, which will be interesting since there has been a ton of unseasonably rainy days this week and I’m not sure how excited folks are for a good ol’ fashioned mud slog. But there aren’t really any bad locations to hike in the Bay Area so it’ll be a good time no matter what happens.

And after all that I’m going to introvert hard all alone in my apartment, because two whole days of peopling will have me running for cover.

That’s all I have today. Any fun weekend plans for you & yours coming up?

As always, go make it a great day!

Just Breathe

Sometimes it just feels good to breathe. And sometimes I need a reminder to do that!

It’s funny how we seem to need to be reminded to slow down, not speed up. You’d think that it would be the opposite. But at least in my world, if one is good ten is better. With all of the striving and dreams and goals and desires I find that when left to my own devices I’m more inclined to move faster and pile on the activity than to slow down and rest.

Lately I’ve felt myself enter that uncomfortable in-between. Change is on the horizon; not a big change, but enough to shake some stuff up. But it’s not here yet. And I hate that. As soon as I’m ready for change, I want it NOW. I want to know exactly what’s going to happen and have everything all planned out. I have no patience, no chill, and I hate feeling underprepared. When I’m stuck in this “just wait” mode I find myself getting restless, edgy, and bratty. And there’s nothing I can do about it. The more I spin and try to predict the future, the more I miss the present. And the present is pretty damn good and would be a shame to miss.

The only action in this space is just to breathe. Just breathe and allow it to be. It’s kind of the worst. But in those little slices of moments where I find myself being present and forgetting about all of my stress and unknowing, it’s a pretty peaceful place.

So here is your daily reminder to breathe, let life do its thing, and find peace in the in-between.

Go make it a great day!

xoxo Emily

Method Acting (Day 2)

It’s already Day 2 and I don’t know what I’m doing with my life.

I finally decided that I’m too richly scheduled and I need to start saying “no” to things. Also, I’m in a skit this weekend. At my church. I don’t know why I said yes. Wait, yes I do. Fame. Ego. The Glory of the Spotlight. I’m going to be church famous. #churchfamous.

Yesterday’s Breakfast: Forgot. Had an emergency Epic bar, apple, and packet of almond butter in my desk at work.

Today’s Breakfast: 2 ½ scrambled eggs (shoulda been 3 eggs but the preschooler can be an eating powerhouse at times and likes to eat from my plate) and broccoli. Tea with nutpods.

Since I have like three days to memorize my lines and like, no time in the day to do so, I’ve been rehearsing on BART and while I’m walking to and fro in San Francisco. I’ve enjoyed the strange side-eyes I’ve received, and from now on when I’m around someone mumbling to themself in public I’m just going to assume they’ve got a big role. “Break a leg, pants-less gentleman! I like your method acting.”

Yesterday’s Lunch: My homemade meal-prepped meal of chicken, potatoes w/ ghee, broccoli, seasoned with Primal Palate’s Breakfast Blend seasoning blend.

Today’s Lunch: Another homemade meal-prepped meal of chicken, potatoes w/ ghee, green beans, seasoned with Primal Palate’s Meat and Potatoes seasoning blend. Snacked on an Epic bar in the afternoon

Because I don’t have enough to think about/care for in life, over the weekend I bought a rainforest of plants. So many plants. Outside plants, inside plants. Plants that produce veggies, look nice, smell pretty. I think I spent almost $100 on dirt. Good thing I had a Home Depot gift card handy! And now I’m a panicky plant mom just waiting for one of my plant babies to die, because let’s be real, I don’t even have time to shower at regular intervals, let alone remember that plants need water and light and stuff. Pray for my plants.

Yesterday’s Dinner: homemade chicken soup with broccoli and carrots

Today’s Dinner: the last of my chicken-potato w/ ghee-green bean meals. Mourned a bit that the easy part is over.

I finally made it back to CrossFit yesterday after like a month out due to sickness and really liking my sleep back. But I drug my tired behind in for the 6am class and was rewarded with so. Many. overhead. Squats. I can’t properly stand up after sitting for any length of time without hobbling like a gremlin. Good thing I have my kids this weekend so I can give my legs a couple of days to get over the shock of what I just made them do, as my kids are always my go-to excuse for not going to the gym. I’ll see you on Tuesday, CrossFit. Bring it.

Go make it a great day!

It’s Time to Begin, Isn’t It?

It’s time to do another Whole30. I’ve lost touch with what it feels like to feel rested, healthy, and in control (as evidenced by my wine-and-Queer-Eye sob fest yesterday). And you know when is a good time to start?

Now. Like, right now.

And by now, I mean tomorrow. Because I still have some wine and goat cheese in my fridge I want to enjoy one last time. Dinner will be delicious.

But yeah. And this time, I truly want to bring you on the journey. Pinkie swear for real this time. I know I’ve alluded to sharing my Whole30 experience in real-ish time on the blog before and have yet to actually do it since like, 2016. And that was just a series of glorified check-ins.

No, here we’ll do the whole program all it’s glory and gory. Every meal. Every NSV. Every Sugar Dragon attack and let’s not forget “Kill All the Things” week. Oh, I have big plans for that.

So grab a bowl of your (cauliflower) popcorn and sit back.

Go make it a great day!!

Meals and Musings

Woke up regretting everything and nothing. Last night I unintentionally drank a bottle of wine (it was so tasty and my glass kept refilling itself wth was that all about??) while watching Queer Eye and intentionally sobbing because everybody on this show is just so beautiful omg I love you so hard. My stomach was all hating me and stuff so I decided to forego eating breakfast. And drinking wine for the time being.

Breakfast: 2 cups of tea with generous splashes of oat milk

Can I just say what a gorgeous day it is? Finally getting a hint of spring in San Francisco! At work I decided to take my lunch on the patio and sit and wonder upon all of this natural light that I can’t seem to get enough of.

Lunch: Burger with sautéed mushrooms, cheese, some sort of crunchy things, I think onion strings? Side salad.

I think my shoes are dying. The back outside of the heels have worn away, so when I stand my ankles fall to the outside. This can’t be good long-term.

Also, I got another unicorn coffee mug over the weekend. I forgot to take a picture. But it’s majestic as all unicorn coffee mugs are. I’ll share it later when I remember.

Mid afternoon pick-me-up of a grande latte with whole milk and generous sprinkling of cinnamon

Since I didn’t get to it over the weekend, I ended up meal prepping after dinner. Shout out to my InstaPot, which basically did all my meal prep for me. While I made dinner it made chicken and baked potatoes for the week.

Also, I cut beets while wearing my white shirt last night and there were no casualties. Tell my mother.

Dinner: mixed greens salad with beets, goat cheese, almonds, and chicken

I don’t know what the deal is, if it’s all the wood stuff in the skies or what, but lately I don’t like a lot of noise. Not even music or the TV. And my brain just feels full lately so I haven’t been reading as much. But last night I journaled. I have been journaling my pens out of ink as of late. I have like 3 rotating notebooks that I grab one depending on my mood and let it all out. It was great to put it all out there before bed, and when I fell asleep my brain felt so calm and spent. Or maybe it was the wine. I lied about not drinking wine. Or at least until the bottle I still have open is done for.

Bedtime: glass of cab, a few chocolate coins from the kids’ St Patrick’s Day stash because I am a good and responsible meal prepper

Go make it a great day!

It’s My Food Freedom, Okay?

So, this happened yesterday:

accepted w30

Yup. I finally took the plunge and applied to take the Whole30 Coaching Certification exam.

This was shortly after I texted my sister this picture of how my Monday evening was going:

I’m calling it “Strudelgate.” IT’S MY FOOD FREEDOM, OKAY?!?

But in all seriousness, I’m really excited to become a legitimate Whole30 coach. It’s been a back-pocket dream of mine for a while now to put some of my useless knowledge to useful practice, and for me this is the first step. With all of my obsessive/neurotic self-guided nutrition research over the past few years I have a pretty deep understanding of the program, and I want to offer my assistance and support to others that are making the journey.

Also, I clearly don’t have enough going on with my life so now’s the perfect time to start a side hustle. As my mom always says, why do only one thing at a time?

More info to come, but I wanted to share the exciting news!

Go make it a great day! xoxo

Welcome to Woo Corner

Well hello there! And a happy Tuesday to you.

Today, we’re going deep in the woo.

woo corner

Lately, I’ve been dabbling in astrology. Just for fun. I’ve always been intrigued by horoscopes, and may have started studying the zodiac when I was 11 or 12, taking notes on the different sun signs from the encyclopedias in the libaray of my Catholic middle school. The nuns were thrilled. And by thrilled I mean they gave me extra religious studies homework.

Anyway, I’ve been practicing reading birth charts. And it’s fun. And I’d like more practice. So if you want an incredibly amature astrological birth chart reading, email me with your birth information (date, time, location) and I’ll see what I can whip up!

Real astrologers charge like $250 for this service because they’re like, practiced and have spent years studying their craft an I just bought a book like three weeks ago and listened to some podcasts so, you know, you get what you pay for. Plus, I’ve done this a couple of times already for family and friends, and towards the end of the reading I start to get fatigued and punchy throwing stuff in like “Moon in Capricorn means that you are extremely attracted to aardvarks,” or “Uranus is in this fantastic position – in your butt,” or “People with a north node in Cancer have a habit of dying by piano falling on their head like a Looney Toons cartoon.” Just so we set the expectations clear right up front.

So email me and we’ll see what the sky says about you!

So We’re Doing This Now

I opened up my Commit30 planner this morning and discovered that I had made it my monthly goal in March to blog daily. It’s already March 4th, y’all.


Whatever. I’m getting cheese fries.

So, I’m still recovering from bronchitis. Yesterday I carried a moderately heavy preschooler down the street and didn’t feel like I was hit by a truck afterward, energy-wise, so I think I’m doing better. I hope to make it back to CrossFit this week because OMG my body is going nuts with all of this resting stuff. I am so anxious and antsy and I just want to move.

Last night I went to my sister’s birthday party (Happy Birthday, Amanda!) and because we are actual weirdos she taught me the little dance/warmup routine she choreographed. It was the most exercise I’ve gotten in 3 weeks and it felt amazing. Oh, and in other dance-y exercise news, I for some reason volunteered to teach a dance aerobics class for an upcoming spiritual workshop I’m on a committee for. I am not a dance fitness instructor. And I haven’t actually danced in like 15 years. But I figued, how hard can it be? I’ll throw a playlist together, watch some Zumba and Jazzercise videos on YouTube, and see what happens. Famous last words. Let’s just file this under our “Have Fun With That, Emily!” and y’all can pop some popcorn and watch this train wreck as it unfolds.

As always, go make it a great day!


A Dutiful Hermit

Photo of a lion sleeping next to a large rock wall, his head resting on his paws.
Photo by Aldo Picaso from Pexels

Did you know that when you’re sick with one thing it can turn into being sick with another thing? Who’d have thought?

I went to the doctor yesterday since after about 10 days of battling what I thought was the flu I contracted from Precious Child #2 wasn’t getting any better. My throat still felt like it was being scratched by razor blades, a hacking cough that alarms the germophobes on BART, and just walking up the stairs made me want to nap. Turns out I have bronchitis, because why not. So I’m taking a few more days to recuperate.

And you know what? Despite feeling a little-stir crazy since I haven’t worked out in over 2 weeks, I kinda like the invalid life. Lots of tea, cranking the heater with abandon, and working from my cozy couch in my most lounge-y of lounge wear is a lifestyle that suits me. I love having a legit excuse to bail on plans – “Oh, I have an infectious disease, so sorry, let’s rain check!” – and thanks to Zoom meetings I can still stay caught up with work.

Turns out I make a really good hermit.

And I know how I’ve talked about it before, how I know it’s not really good for me to be isolated, that I need to get out and make sure I’m connecting with my people on a regular basis. But I have been absolutely flooring it this year, so inspired and motivated to Do All the Things and Go All the Places. I’ve had a delightful time, but I’m thinking that getting sick is my body’s way of letting me know that I’m once again taking on too much and ignoring my basic self-care needs.

Life has seasons, and it’s okay to surrender to what the reality is at the moment. Despite my big dreams and ever-growing “To-Do” pile, I’m allowing myself to take a break and narrow my focus to the current necessities in front of me – sleep, keeping up with work, and caring for my kiddos. Everything else can wait.

Is anything causing you to stop and pause lately?

Go make it a great day!